Founders & Directors

Vijay Pratap Srivastava

Mr. Vijay Pratap Srivastava hails from Nautanwa, Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh. Having a career and experience which spans over 20 years, as Chairman Club Member and Chief Advisor in Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), he is a bonafide leader and a person who is full of possibility as he believes that anything can be achieved provided that the person has a will to achieve it.

He laid the foundation of Godson Group of Companies in 2015, firstly in the form of Real estate and Housing Company (Godson Infracity and Godson Infratech) to provide affordable housing to people of all strata of society and secondly in the form of Godson Microfinance Federation in the year 2015 to empower the Women of India by providing them micro loans in order to make them self-sufficient and self-reliant. With the same vision of serving humanity, Mr. Srivastav laid the foundation of Godson Industries in 2020.

Having a strong commitment towards Women Empowerment, Mr Srivastav has an indestructible thought that Women (48% of India’s total Population) have all the capacities and capabilities required to preserve and bloom humanity. Environment is another aspect which has all the concerns of our founder. Last but not least, he strongly believes in team work and visions to make the organization a well-known name in the nation.

Indu Srivastava

Mrs. Indu Srivastava too hails from Nautanwa, Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh. Being a woman herself and an individual, she highly believes in compassion and feels that if a person has a determination to do anything in life, he/she can accomplish everything in life.

Hard work and Strong Will are her key to successful life. She has an in born intelligence for Business and Marketing. Apart from Godson Industries, she is a director in Godson Infratech Private limited as well.

Abhay Raj Srivastava

Mr. Abhay Raj Srivastava is a 27 years youth determined to make Sampy Sanitary Pads a synonym to health and wellness. Coming from an engineering academic background and been an UPSC aspirant, Mr. Abhay pose an excellent understanding of the numerous factors involved in industry and business fields. He is young, dynamic, determined and has a downright belief in- Success don't come what you do occasionally, it comes through what you do consistently.

As a youngster himself, he very precisely understands the significance of science and innovation in improvising human life. He vehemently calls the youth of his time to take the challenges of the today's generation and solve them by sustainable means. Mr. Abhay aspire to make sanitary pads accessible to each woman of India and vison to bring a revolution in the health and wellness sector.