Why Us


Sampy Sanitary Pads are made up of premium quality of Organic Cotton, SAP and Air laid tissues sourced from all across the world.

Health and Hygiene –

In order to ensure the safety of menstruating women, the Air laid tissues used in Sampy Sanitary Pads are 100 percent sterilized and free from human touch. Keeping in view, the health issues faced by women due to unhygienic pads, the Sampy Sanitary pads are embedded with Anion Chip (which kills any bacteria or virus that comes in its contact). As per WHO guidelines - that no Sanitary pads should have aroma in it, our pads are aroma free to provide chemical free periods to our users.

Comfort –

In order to make certain that our customers get the best comfort during the usage of Sampy pads, the top surface is made of organic cotton to give a soft and itching free periods. The pads are equipped with odour lock technology to provide odour free periods.

Protection –

The Sampy Sanitary Pads are equipped with best quality of SAP powder and sheet and thus provide protection up to 12 hours without leakage. Sampy regular pads has 6X absorption as compared to other products of similar arena. The Sampy premium pads can absorb up to 150 ml of blood discharge.

Design –

With the aim of providing best experience to our users, Sampy pads comes with non – absorbent wider wings for proper fittings and best comfort. The pads are also designed with double wings so as to give better hold of cloth.

Sustainable –

Realizing our duty towards environment and nature, the Sampy Sanitary pads are 80 percent biodegradable in nature. Recyclable paper with non-toxic food grade glue are used so that they can easily decompose in nature. Sampy Sanitary pads packet comes with biodegradable disposal bags for better and nature friendly disposal of used pads.

Benefits of Anion Chip in Sanitary Pads –

Anion Chips embedded in Sampy pads provide host of health benefits to its users –

  1. The Anion Chip when comes in contact with skin, generates oxygen which kills the bacteria, virus and other harmful bodies that get release during menstruation.
  2. The Anion Chip helps in balancing the Hormonal Balance.
  3. The Anion chip used in Sampy Pads helps in strengthening immunity and increases flow of nergy.
  4. It helps in decreasing stress, ease depression and locks odour during menstrual period.
  5. It helps in better respiratory and circulatory system during menstrual period.
  6. It helps in better and improved breakdown.